About Paceline

Paceline is a movement of communities and organizations striving toward a common goal: to cure cancer faster. 100% of all fundraising supports critical research and survivorship at the Georgia Cancer Center.

Through an annual, fun bike ride, Paceline Ride Weekend is about rallying our community to team together to prevent, fight, and eradicate cancer. Paceline has a place for everyone, offering routes for all skill levels and opportunities to be involved without having to ride a bike.

This year, we are going unchained due to COVID-19. While our ride weekend event cannot take place this October, we are still working to support the research efforts at the Georgia Cancer Center. 

Ride. Run. Walk. Move.


Cancer doesn't stop. Neither do we.

Thank you to our partners!

What is a Paceline?

A formation in which riders travel in a line one close behind the other in order to conserve energy by riding in the draft of the riders in front, thus enabling the group to travel at a faster rate than any of the riders in the group could do alone.


The Paceline is a perfect analogy for the power of the event’s grass roots effort to battle cancer. It embodies the team concept and the idea of arriving at a cure faster together.