Rider Check-In, Friday Evening

Riders can pick up their packet, check their bike into a secure bike corral (optional), and check in their bag (optional).

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PaceDay 2020

The 25 Mile Riders will start at Harlem High School at 9:00 a.m. The 45 Mile and 100 Mile Riders will begin in Augusta on Saturday morning at 7:00 a.m.  Riders should arrive an hour early to their start locations to begin staging.

The route encompasses some the most beautiful parts of the State of Georgia. The point to point structure of the route allows a linear track of the event where more can see and many more communities can become involved with the Paceline movement! At the Thomson Finish Line, there will be a post event celebration where you can relax, enjoy some great food & drinks, listen to live entertainment before taking a shuttle back to your start. We encourage you to bring your family/friends to see you finish as well! The more the merrier. If family/friends come to the finish you can ride back to Augusta with them. Either way, we have you covered.

Defeating Cancer is a journey from start to finish - not an out and back process. Don’t worry! We have everything prepared for you along the way:

  • Baggage Check & Transport -  To Thomson Finish Line
  • Shuttles & Bike Transports - From Thomson back to starts
  • Overnight, Secure Bike Corral - On Friday night if you wish to leave your bike for Saturday morning. This is not required - you can bring your bike on Saturday morning as well.
  • Rest Stops - Every 10-20 miles
  • SAG (Support and Gear) Vehicles - Positioned throughout the route to respond to your needs
  • Signage - Detailed route signage for every turn and decision point on the course. You will not get lost!
  • Mechanical Support - Personnel at each rest stop should you have a malfunction with your bike
  • Medical Support - Personnel at each rest stop and SAG Vehicle to provide appropriate care if needed
  • Emergency 800 Number - 24/7 call if you need any assistance during your journey and a SAG vehicle is not within site.

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