Rider Check-In, Friday Evening

Riders can pick up their packet, check their bike into a secure bike corral (optional), and check in their bag (optional).

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PaceDay 2020

The ride will begin at Augusta University - Summerville campus on Saturday morning at 7:00 a.m. sharp.  Riders should arrive and begin staging at 6:30 a.m.

The route encompasses some the most beautiful parts of the State of Georgia. The point to point structure of the route allows a linear track of the event where more can see and many more communities can become involved with the Paceline movement! At each finish venue there will be a post event celebration where you can relax, enjoy some great food & drinks, listen to live entertainment before taking a shuttle back to Augusta. We certainly encourage you to bring your family/friends to see you finish as well! The more the merrier. If family/friends come to the finish venues you can, of course, ride back to Augusta with them. Either way, we have you covered.

Defeating Cancer is a journey from start to finish - not an out and back process. Don’t worry! We have everything prepared for you along the way:

  • Baggage Check & Transport -  To all finish venues
  • Shuttles & Bike Transports - From all finish venues back to Augusta
  • Overnight, Secure Bike Corral - On Friday night if you wish to leave your bike for Saturday morning. This is not required - you can bring your bike on Saturday morning as well.
  • Rest Stops - Every 10-20 miles
  • SAG (Support and Gear) Vehicles - Positioned throughout the route to respond to your needs
  • Signage - Detailed route signage for every turn and decision point on the course. You will not get lost!
  • Mechanical Support - Personnel at each rest stop should you have a malfunction with your bike
  • Medical Support - Personnel at each rest stop and SAG Vehicle to provide appropriate care if needed
  • Emergency 800 Number - 24/7 call if you need any assistance during your journey and a SAG vehicle is not within site.

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