Since I was a boy, cycling has been a big part of my life. I think of bicycles as a force for good ... a timeless means of transportation, making new friends, discovering new places and practicing a healthier lifestyle. Paceline is, by its very nature, encouraging people from all parts of the community to do something meaningful through riding a bike. Together we can cure cancer faster.

Growth Officer

My father-in-law and grandfather both passed from cancer and my wife and I have lost friends and know many others who continue to fight. Just here in Georgia, nearly 140 people are diagnosed and 50 people pass each day due to this indiscriminate disease. Paceline Ride funds the critical research being done at the Georgia Cancer Center and together, we'll cure cancer faster.

Momentum Officer

I have watched many friends and family members face their own journey with cancer. It is never easy, but having a support system can make all the difference. Paceline mimics this as we are all coming together to support the Georgia Cancer Center. Through Paceline, I know that each day I am working to make a difference for the researchers, doctors, and cancer patients.

Vanessa Danner

Community Activist

Philanthropy has always played a huge role in my life. From a young age, I’ve felt led to give back to those in need. Most of us have experienced cancer-related death or illness in some way. Paceline gives me the opportunity to engage with the community and empower others to see the difference they can make through activism. The work we do to help fund critical research at the Georgia Cancer Center will impact change for years to come.


Brandon Hooks

Event Engagement Specialist

Remember how far you've come, let’s continue the ride together. Each day working towards a common goal gives me the purpose I desire. To know that my contributions are helping others in ways bigger than myself means the world. I have seen the ups and downs of cancer and how it affects the community. Together we can make the change we want to see.

Chairman and Founder

I ride to serve others. To be a part of something bigger than myself. To raise funds for researchers at the Georgia Cancer Center to advance a cure. My hope is that my ride will encourage others to ride/volunteer because together, we can cure cancer faster!