Dear Paceliners,

While this time of physical disconnection and social distancing may leave you feeling lonely and uncertain, know that we are still united within our Paceline community. Our staff of 5 dedicated individuals believe in our mission to cure cancer faster together through the power of the bicycle, and we are working remotely to continue Paceline’s mission.

While we can’t physically ride together during this time, we encourage you to embrace the power of the bicycle as a force for good, whether it’s indoors or out. The humble act of riding a bike can inspire hope and elevate your outlook. We want to see you safely make the most of this circumstance to pedal onward, and know that we are virtually alongside you in your efforts.

More than normal, we’ve been inspired by how many people are newly discovering bike riding as a wonderful form of recreation. As this occurs, we would like to reference some great local bike shops that serve our local community and we encourage you to support them with your cycling needs:

Andy Jordans Bicycle Warehouse 
Chain Reaction Bicycles 
Outspokin’ Bicycles

Thank you to our Riders, Virtual Riders, Donors & Volunteers for your continuing support. Together, lets pedal onward and remember that what we represent as ‘Paceliners’ is perhaps now more powerful than ever.

Yours in good health,

The Paceline Team