With the finish line on the horizon, Shagofa Woelzlein and her husband, Mark, sit with Dr. Ghamande as he shares the his 2-part plan: getting to remission and staying in remission.  Excitement and gratitude flood Shagofa and Mark, as Dr. Ghamande’s words catalyze an unbreakably contagious smile across their faces.

Last summer, Shagofa caught bronchitis from her husband. A procedural chest x-ray to see if the bronchitis had led to pneumonia revealed something Shagofa and her husband were not expecting.

“I have uterine cancer, but it had spread to my lungs.  That’s how we found it,” Shagofa explained. “I had no other symptoms otherwise.  I had no other pain.  It started in my right lung, and at the time they checked it, it was in my left lung too.”

After surgery to remove the tumors in her lungs and six months of treatment later, Shagofa has developed a great relationship with her doctors and her care team. As she jokingly asks them for donuts, she explains, “They are great people.  They are wonderful.  Whenever I call, they answer my call. All of my doctors are great.  It is amazing.”

With a brightness and sense of humor that are contagious, Shagofa remembers what Dr. Ghamande told her.

“It’s a miracle. He told me, ‘Your cancer was badass!’” However, under the care of Dr. Ghamande, she has proven to be even more. As someone who is naturally a go-getter, Shagofa has already returned to work.

“During my last chemo, I worked before my appointment.  Then I came and had my chemo, and I went in the next day.  I woke up, and I was okay.  Everyone at work was like, ‘What are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be in bed?’  I feel good, so I’m here.”

Still receiving treatment for her cancer and already returned to work, Shagofa has the kind of grit that leaves you overwhelmed with humility.

“I have to call myself crazy. I say I’m strong and crazy.”