Stronger Together

Because 100% of the funds raised by Paceline participants support innovative cancer research at the Georgia Cancer Center, partnerships are essential to support our operations leading up to and on the day of the ride. Partnering with Paceline combines your message with our mission to create relevant and lasting value that's both good for the community and good for business.

Represent your brand and engage your employees in a unique and meaningful way. When you partner with Paceline, you are a true partner in the mission to cure cancer faster. Paceline has a place for everyone, and you don't have to ride to be involved (though we recommend it because it is the experience of a lifetime!). We offer a variety of customizable partnership opportunities to ensure that your brand is represented in the most effective way possible.

"The decision to join Paceline was really easy as a company and easy for us. It gives back to the community through a really good cause. It promotes health and well-being of our employees in trying to get them out and exercising in a way that is not threatening. It also builds a lot of fellowship and friendships within the organization, which is something we wanted to focus on and continue to focus on, the culture side of it and the fellowship that came out of it." 

- Scott Williams, President, Cranston Engineering

Team Cranston Engineering is a medium-sized company that partners with Paceline annually. 










Lasting Value

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Sponsor a Company Team

Paceline provides all the resources your company needs to participate as a team of Riders, Unchained Paceliners, & Volunteers.


Brand Enhancement

90% of employers indicated that nonprofit partnerships enhance their brand.*

*Source: America’s Charities Snapshot 2015

Event Weekend Exposure

Event weekend offers a variety of opportunities to expose your brand through the event signage, truss, rest stops, start/finish venues and much more here.

Corp morale

Promote Corporate Morale

Demonstrating social responsibility engages the community, attracts talent, and increases employee retention.



Health Insurance Discounts

Some health insurance companies offer discounts on their monthly premiums when their employees participate and keep track of physical activities.


Year-Round Exposure

As a partner, you would be included in Paceline's year-round marketing, promotions, social engagement and virtual challenges.

employee engagement

Greater Employee Engagement

Promote health, well-being, team-building and comradery among your employees through participation.



Tax Write-Off

As a nonprofit, all donations are 100% tax deductible in the United States.



Enable Others to Participate

Sponsor a team of Riders or Volunteers who otherwise could not participate.

Partner with Paceline

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