In the cold Minneapolis winters, Joshua Duffy, like many people who live in downtown Minneapolis, would bike to work and school daily.  Joshua’s main form of transportation changed in May 2017 when he and his wife moved from the Minneapolis biking community, where there were dedicated cycling paths everywhere, to Augusta, GA.  Being new to the Augusta area, Joshua has been searching for ways to be a part of the community, and as an employee of the Georgia Cyber Center, Joshua understands the importance of having a strong community in Augusta.

“They’re bringing in a lot of people from Silicon Valley and D.C.,” Joshua explained. “There is no good resource to try to get involved in the community and have community experiences, which I can relate to because I have struggled with that since moving here. When Paceline came up, I thought, oh—this makes sense!

Like many people, cancer has impacted Joshua’s family. Joshua’s grandfather died before Joshua was born after a tough battle with bone cancer and leukemia.

It was something that is much more treatable now, so supporting cancer research digs deep.  My mom always tells me the story of her dad handing her the family camera, and saying, let’s go outside and take the last good photo of me. It was a death sentence, and now it’s not. There is hope.  The people I love most have been affected by it directly, and it altered the course of their lives.  That hangs over me.”

Rallying around a cause he’s passionate about, Joshua has joined the Paceline to find community.  Combining cycling and philanthropy, Joshua found something to chase after, and like many people who may be new to the area, Joshua needed just that.  Joshua sees Paceline as his community tie in Augusta.

“I’m not an overly physical person, but cycling is the one physical thing that stays fun even when it gets hard.  In the end I want to raise money for the Georgia Cancer Center, and if I can have fun doing that and doing something I am comfortable with, especially in a place that I have not been for that long, I feel that it could be a new anchor for me in a way.”